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What makeup is best for me? 7 mos ago

So I have splotchy red kinda bumpy skin. I usually use a lot of foundations but it isn't working for me anymore. What foundations can I use to help? Powders aren't working either. They don't go well on my skin. $15 or under? Something with no shine would be best too.

Has anybody tried this list?: The photoready things Revlon New Complexion One Step Makeup, $12.99 Revlon ColorStay Makeup with Softplex, $12.99

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What is the best make up for me? - Yahoo! Answers: Home » Makeup Q&A What makeup is best for me? I have bronze skin, big brown eyes, and angelina jolie lips.

Quiz - What makeup colors complement your: Best Answer: Ok, girly let me help you out. First of all I have been a makeup artist for 20 years. About 4 years ago I came across this foundation that

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